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Gamethread: Orioles at White Sox (Game 2)

Sox can’t get to .500, but they can still take the series

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox - Game One
The winning run: Richie Martin of the Orioles easily escapes James McCann’s tag in Game 1 of the doubleheader.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Game 1 of this doubleheader seemed like classic White Sox frustration, what with losing a four-run lead to a bad team and leaving lots of RISP and all that, but I’ll let you head over to Hamster’s recap to relive the fun.

In the meantime, there’s a series to win! Game 2 starts in about 30 minutes, and as soon as there are lineups, they’ll be here.

My apologies for the abbreviated intro, but there are dogs and kids (Sox fans, all, of course) to feed.

Sox starting lineup:

Baltimore starting lineup:

A bunch of guys.