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The Torture Never Stops: Rodón to IL, TJS is ‘on the table’

Time for open tryouts to find the next Kevin Hickey?

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Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Elbows are not mean to twist like this: Or, maybe they are. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Lemme just get to the Zappa video.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In one of the faster cases of blister-induced elbow inflammation in Chicago White Sox history, the team announced that staff ace Carlos Rodón has been placed on the injured list.

Probably not the circumstances under which Lucas Giolito wanted to return from his stint on the IL, but then, like they always say, teams can only carry so many pitchers on their injured list before having to list them as a dependent on next year’s income tax.

It certainly wasn’t the outcome anticipated when Rodón was shelled out of the fourth inning last night by ... uh, the Baltimore Orioles. The press box chatter centered on a blister issue, and hey, given that Rodón was generally our clear ace until two starts ago, seemed plausible.

Now, you have to wonder whether the southpaw has been scuffling through this soreness dating back to his lousy outing against the Detroit Tigers on April 26. These past two outings have been two of his three worst games per game score (11 on 4/26, 43 last night) all season.

That, or Rodón is simply an average major league starter. At this point, we’ll take it. But Rodón has to be healthy to even be an average starter, and unfortunately with the streak the South Siders have been on with injuries over the past nine months or so, you’re forgiven if you’re thinking the worst.

It seems safe to say that between Rodón and Nate Jones both suffering with the amorphous “elbow inflammation,” at least one won’t be back on the Sox Park mound any time soon.

In fact, per Daryl Van Schouwen’s tweet in the aftermath of the injury news, GM Rick Hahn says that “everything is on the table” in terms of Rodón’s diagnosis, including Tommy John surgery.

I don’t have to tell you that a conservative GM like Hahn doesn’t entertain talk of TJS for his ace, unless that ace is going to have TJS.

And what’s neat about this perpetual storm cloud hovering over the South Side is the news that broke just a half-hour later:

Congrats, Tim. Well deserved. And please, mind your elbow.

Oh hey lookee here as the season struggles against the flow of the toilet flush, a souvenir suitable for family, friends, and even those idiots who fly W flags.