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Hey, Eloy’s back — it’s the perfect time for some Pinwheel Power!

The debut threads from the new SSS/Breaking T alliance features, who else, Eloy Jiménez

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It’s been a rough start for Eloy in the majors, between his struggle to get his launch angle rolling and that high ankle injury a few weeks back. But he’s completed his rehab at Charlotte in doublequick time, looks to be mashing hell outta the ball again, and is back to rejoin his White Sox teammates in Houston tonight to take on the Astros.

So, hey, if you haven’t already, consider picking up the first new, hot look for the summer from Breaking T and South Side Sox. It’s sexy, sporty ... just a super shirt or hoodie. True fans are even known to order both.

Our original article on the shirt follows below, because it’s got pictures and stuff.

In the first of what we hope will be a fruitful season of cool ideas, South Side Sox has paired up with Breaking T on a pretty cool fashion statement, celebrating the true start of the rebuild, an Opening Day with Eloy Jiménez in the starting lineup:

Cool T.
Potentially even more weather-appropriate hoodie.

We had hands-on input to the design of the shirt, and think it turned out great!

Click here to purchase, which will allow South Side Sox to see proceeds from the sale.

We’ll be introducing new merchandise all season long at South Side Sox, so hopefully this will be the first of several new items to celebrate the season!

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