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The White Sox and Royals played something that kind of looked like baseball, but the rain won the day

With nonstop rain and a tornado watch in effect, the game will continue tomorrow as a straight doubleheader

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox
Storm warning: The Sox and Royals tried to play through five innings, but the rain prevailed.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The forecast spelled rain, but with a tornado watch put into effect, the game has been suspended until tomorrow at 4:40 CT.

Iván Nova did well, just not well enough. He went five innings, giving up six hits, and one run came around to score. He attacked the strike zone; out of the 59 pitches he threw, 44 were strikes, only two were swinging. It wasn’t a completely dominant performance, but it was his best home appearance.

Nevertheless, Nova did get a little assistance from James McCann in the third:

But, he also gave an out earlier in the game:

As the rain started pounding down on the field, the Royals finally broke the 0-0 tie in the fourth inning as Hunter Dozier hit an RBI single.

The Sox finally started to threaten on the base paths in the fifth after singles by McCann and Jose Rondón, but the weather was just too much. It was finally put into a rain delay, though quote frankly, it should have happened earlier.

Let the rain delay theater commence:

Somebody tried to have fun before wiping out.

There was slight hope, if only for a moment:

Lake jokes:

World War One jokes (?):

This time a pool joke:

Almost done!

And, we are back to being tied after a Yolmer Sánchez RBI single. On the play, Rondón strayed off of second and was thrown out. The South Siders challenged to see if he was out or safe, but it was to no avail as the Sox lost the challenge, and then ... pouring rain again.

Not looking too good this time:

At least Yolmer got some fun out of the annoying circumstances:

The rain finally won the day as the game was suspended, with the details below:

The suspended game and the regularly scheduled game will be on NBC Sports Chicago. WGN-AM will have it via radio. See you then!