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Gamethread: Cleveland at White Sox

Special jinx-free edition

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
Keep it rolling: Iván “Blame It on the Bossa” Nova takes the mound for the Sox
Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

You’re probably expecting this gamethread to talk about how the Chicago White Sox have won five in a row, their longest winning streak in two years.

Not gonna happen. Too much of a chance of a jinx.

You may well expect a reference to how the Sox are now tied for second place in the (admittedly woeful) AL Central. (Although the balance of the AL ain’t all that, either.)

Nope. Too much of a chance of a jinx.

Perhaps you’re looking to a mention of how the Sox ended May just one game worse than .500, defying expectations? How they could get to .500 with a win today? And move into sole possession of second?

Look elsewhere. Such a jinx invitation will not be seen here.

Expecting a mention of how the Sox have gained that record despite being in the bottom third in both runs scored and runs allowed? How hitting, pitching, and (especially) fielding stats are all negative, but the result so far is okay? How, according to pythagorean record (run differential), manager Ricky Renteria has gotten his White Sox to significantly overachieve so far this year?

Expect something else. Those are jinx moves if I’ve ever seen one.

You think the gamethread should talk about Cleveland yesterday flashing a defense that would embarrass a coach-pitch team, and how the Sox did what good teams do and took advantage of the gifts?

Nah. Not a word. Nada. Jinxable.

Maybe you anticipate a mention of how the Sox just battered the Indians in two games where the pitching matchups gave Cleveland a huge advantage, at least on paper? On the fact today’s matchup is no worse than even, with Iván Nova going up against 1-5 righty-who-wouldn’t-be-in-the-majors-if-it-weren’t-for-injuries-to-others Jefry Rodriguez?

Not a chance. That would have way too high a JQ*.

Do you expect a token referral to the fact Cleveland is really, really bad, a shadow of its former self?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Talk about a high JQ!

Or how about a note that there’s rain in the forecast and rain has been very good to the Sox so far this year?


This gamethread is taking no chances. We’re just gettin’ in and getin’ out.

So here’s the Sox lineup, with James McCann restored to the cleanup spot and Seby Zavala back on a bus to Charlotte to make room for Welington Castillo, who’s coming off the IL.

As for the Indians, just two righties in the lineup:

SS Francisco Lindor (S)
RF Oscar Mercado (R)
DH Carlos Santana (S)
2B Jason Kipnis (L)
3B Jose Ramirez (S)
1B Jake Bauers (L)
LF Greg Allen (S)
C Kevin Plawecki (R)
CF Leonys Martin (L)

First pitch 1:10 Central. NBC Sports on the idiot box, WGN-AM on the boombox.

*Jinx Quotient