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Gamethread: Yankees at White Sox

A chance to re-scale the mountain of .500

Stage right: The Yankees were beatable at another South Side venue, too

Those damn Yankees!
Why can’t we beat ’em,
He’s out, he’s safe, he’s out, he’s safe, he’s out, he’s safe, he’s out!
Yer blind, Ump,
Yer blind, Ump.
You must be out of your mind, Ump!
Chorus of Six Months Out of Every Year from Damn Yankees, by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

Fortunately, in this case, art only anticipates life two out of three. The last three lines provide a G-rated version of Welington Castillo’s pre-departure discussion last night (Beef’s beef?). The third line brilliantly predicts the coming of not-so-instant replays.

But while the opening two lines accurately describe today’s opponent, the Sox have proven that, like the Washington Senators in the musical, we can beat ’em. And maybe even without help from the man with the forked tail.

The Sox have already won the season series by taking four games of the first six, but wouldn’t five of seven sound a whole lot better? Wouldn’t you love it if, come October, some high-fallutin’ New York sports writer had to say that looking back on the season, the reason the almighty Yankees didn’t make the playoffs is that they got whupped by the upstart White Sox?

And their fans! Wouldn’t you love to stick it to them?

Yeah, I know — there probably are some Yankee fans who are perfectly normal, perhaps even courteous, people and not obnoxious blowhards. I’ve never met one, or even been in the same stadium with one, but they must exist, perhaps by accident of birth, and I bear them no animosity. I only wish terminal anguish on the other 99%.

Trying to create that anguish before a sellout Father’s Day crowd today will be Odrisamer Despaigne, making his second start since being picked up as a free agent after being opting out of his Cincinnati Reds deal. The first was technically a quality start, six innings of three-run ball, but a loss against the Washington Nationals. He last faced the Yankees in relief in 2016, so not much to go on there.

Facing Despaigne will be lefty James Paxton, who’s 3-3 with a 4.04 ERA and had a good season going until being cannonized by the New York Mets last outing. He hasn’t faced the Sox since he was tossing for the Seattle Mariners in 2017. It was supposed to be Masahiro Tanaka’s start, but the Yankees are giving Tanaka an extra day of rest after a long outing last time.

Offensively, the Sox have taken two out of three in the series so far thanks to three-run bombs, but there’s another stat besides dingers that’s worthy of note:

A. 7 BB, 7 K
B. 4 BB, 5 K
C. 0 BB, 16 K

Guess which two the Sox won.

Yoán Moncada’s ailing back has recovered enough to be back in the lineup:

The Yankees picked up Edwin Encarnacion from the Mariners yesterday to add to their murderers’ row, but he’s not starting today:

As usual when Lucas Giolito isn’t pitching, the White Sox are underdogs, but the woebegone Senators of Damn Yankees knew not to let that bother them:

And to add to it,
We’ve got heart
All you really need is heart
When the odds are sayin’ you’ll never win
That’s when the grin should start

We’ve got heart!

Of course, some more three-run homers and walks, and fewer strikeouts, would help that heart along.

First pitch 1:10 Central. NBC Sports on the idiot box, WGN-720 on the boombox.