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FanPulse: Faith in Ricky? Still wavering

White Sox fans don’t know much what to do with their manager

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Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged-in fans from each team. Chicago White Sox fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

This week’s deep cut takes a look again at the approval rating for manager Ricky Renteria. Well, he’s back down to a failing grade with fans, equaling his Week 9 rating at 59%.

Fan confidence in Ricky Renteria

Week 1 76%
Week 2 86% (season high to date)
Week 3 60%
Week 4 67%
Week 5 57%
Week 6 53%
Week 7 43% (season low to date)
Week 8 48%
Week 9 59%
Week 10 55%
Week 11 64%
Week 12 59%

In a worrisome sign for Renteria, fan base confidence this past week soared. Post-draft and with the team pushing to .500, approval rating for the club leaped to a season high of 83%, well eclipsing the previous best of 74% back in Week 5.

Fan confidence in the White Sox

Week 1 62%
Week 2 50% (season low to date)
Week 3 52%
Week 4 67%
Week 5 74%
Week 6 62%
Week 7 54%
Week 8 56%
Week 9 69%
Week 10 53%
Week 11 70%
Week 12 83% (season high to date)

The national poll question this week addressed commissioner Rob Manfred, and yeah, you already know where this is going. Surprisingly, 48% of baseball fans across the country think this rather peckish fella who doesn’t appear to actually like the sport of baseball is doing a good job as its commissioner.

Where are you on these questions? If you didn’t participate in the FanPulse survey this week, hey man, get with the program, and sign up above or HERE.

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