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Meet the Players: Tom Borowski

Tom Borowski/South Side Sox

This is getting to be a familiar refrain: I make some super-plum free-agent signing, wax rhapsodic, get myself all fired up over acquiring another All-Star, then wind up figuring, OK, it can’t get any better.

I mean, think about it. Just this year, we’ve added

  • Leigh Allan, with his unique combination of humor, history and melody.
  • Julie Brady, whose razor wit is rocking our minor league updates.
  • Lil Jimmy, sure, a guest star solely at draft time, but a guy you want on your side in June.
  • jresis, site everyman: recaps, minors, analysis.
  • Ashley Sanders, whip-smart spirit captain.
  • Janice Scurio, just one game in but promising to up our smarts n’ sass factor.
  • and even a return from the dead (OK, just covering Illini sports, same diff) from Danks for Nothin!

That’s a ridiculous haul.

And now, thanks to tom_paints, we take our first foray into the visual arts. We have some ace photogs like TiffW96, KimCinAZ and lwolffphoto, but Tom’s work is very different, as you see above and below.

You may ask yourself, as the site is struggling along a bit, why keep adding talent, no matter how great? Fair question. But my objective from Day 1 was to create (frankly, given the state the site was left in last year, continue producing) the best White Sox site on the planet. You don’t get that by standing still. You don’t get that as a one-voice blog. You don’t get that licking boots of the team you cover.

You get that with a talented and diverse staff of writers, analysts, and, now ... illustrators. I’m not going to stop pursuing greatness for South Side Sox until they pry the keys from my cold, dead hands.

Among many projects we’re already planning with Tom is work illustrating our Hall of Fame inductees, a weekly (or, at least “wake of big news”) spot-art piece, as well as many cool merchandising options that will attain great attention and support for our work here on site. From Tom’s standpoint, we want to help position him as a go-to White Sox artist, so when it comes time to paint that 2022 World Champs mural outside the ballpark, there’s only one logical option for the club to choose.

I told Tom early in our discussions that his artwork evoked the images I recall as a child walking through Comiskey Park, where paintings were posited somewhat randomly inside the mezzanines and walkways. Whatever his work evokes in you, hopefully you agree he’s going to be a terrific acquisition for South Side Sox!

Join me and Carlos in welcoming this fabulous artist to the team!

Name Tom Borowski (tom_paints)

Hometown Whiting, Ind.

White Sox fan since 08/22/1984

First White Sox memory I vaguely remember going to Old Comiskey Park before they tore it down and sitting in the outfield below the second deck. I also remember standing in line to get Albert Belle’s autograph and him being a jerk.

Favorite White Sox memory 2005! I happened to be home from college for a semester before I moved to L.A. I was able to watch all of the playoff games with my younger brother, and then we drove to the airport to see the plane arrive with the trophy.

Favorite White Sox player Frank Thomas — I’m a 90s kid — stupid baseball strike.

Next White Sox statue Mark Buehrle

Go-to concession food at Sox Park Hot dog with grilled onions

Favorite Baseball Movie Moneyball. I enjoy the analytics side of baseball and I have always admired the Oakland A’s ability to get more for less. Also Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are fantastic in it.

South Side Sox on the field First base. I was always one of the bigger kids.

True or false: Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn’t thinking isn’t thinking of. True