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Gamethread: White Sox at Royals

This was supposed to be the easy stretch of June ... This was supposed to be the easy stretch of June ...

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals
Paul Rudd takes on his doofiest role yet: Proud Royals fan.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Hey, whoa, here I am. Been awhile, South Side Sox I got trapped in the cattle car of excellent South Side Sox scribes, but I got out, enjoying the fresh air, reacquainting myself with the keyboard and such.

Hey, so, I’m fired up, and not for another Chicago White Sox-Kansas City Royals game (what fresh hell is this ridiculous schedule, same as last year right, which is why Matt Davidson led the majors in exit velo and had 35 homers by June, Chi-K.C. was like every other series at the start of 2018 too, right?). I can’t really reveal too much before a Meet the Players gets published, but we’ve just added a second ex-Wisconsinite, Filipina, White Sox fan writer. Too cool. I’m feeling some lumpia power about right now.

So, anyway, a game is going on, and lucky you, you picked a Lucas Giolito game to watch!

The White Sox snatched defeat from victory last night, and it’s safe to say that Jace Fry will have the day off.

I am the only one who didn’t realize Leury García had a 5b gear for extra mojo? That was some Ricochet Rabbit stuff coming around third last night.

Yes, José Rondón is batting fifth, a spot ahead of Eloy and two in front of TA because [spooky sound FX] it’s good luck to keep your hottest hitter at a spot where he might not bat until the third inning.

Speaking of the No. 7 hitter, jagbag Brad Keller faces off against the White Sox again today. As the K.C. account is too busy tweeting about Harry Potter Day at the park, DVS at the Sun-Times came through with the ol’ lineup-snapshot-from-the-press-box trick:

NBCSCHSCHSCHSCHSCHSCH for TV, WGN for radio. Let’s get Lucas one step closer to the All-Star Game!