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Some changes for our writers

The bulk of our work is landing at Sox on 35th

As we move into the back half of the season, you’re going to see some changes from some of your favorite writers.

Beginning today, the entire South Side Sox writing team will also be publishing at Sox on 35th (@SoxOn35th on Twitter), which is separate from SB Nation. Sox on 35th shares a lot of the same vision as South Side Sox, from their daily minor league reports to features analyzing the major and minor league clubs, so our content should merge together seamlessly.

Gamethread/recap coverage will continue at South Side Sox, as will other features, including a regular summary of White Sox news. In the offseason, on most days, you’ll see that “news recap” piece. Of course, when news breaks in or out of season, it will be covered on South Side Sox, as always. Overall, what doesn’t change is that there will always be something new to read on South Side Sox.

We are proud of our status as the strongest and best Chicago White Sox site on the web, and we value the backbone of South Side Sox, our community. We welcome you to enjoy our additional coverage at Sox on 35th.

One of the conveniences of South Side Sox — beyond the brilliant content that just comes in waves, of course — is ease of access/community, and that’s not anything anyone wants to lose.

Over at Sox on 35th, commenting appears as easy to accomplish as it does here.

You have several login options: WordPress, Google, Twitter and Facebook. And if you’re not into any of that, you can just list an email and screen name one time, tick the “Save my name” box, and you’re good. It appears that Sox on 35th actually allows for a greater variety of permanent login options than SBN/SSS.