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Royals dominate White Sox, 11-0

They didn’t listen to the gamethread ...

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals
Just awful: This has to be up there for worst loss of the year.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot to say about tonight’s game.

The White Sox were absolutely obliterated by one of the worst teams in all of major league baseball. The 34-62 Kansas City Royals took it to the White Sox, beating them 11-0. Simple as that.

Pathetic is one word for it. You can use many others, though.

Dylan Cease got the start for the South Siders and did not look his best, but had very little help from his defense.

It started with Eloy Jimenez colliding with Charlie Tilson in the first inning on a fly ball to left-center. You would think Tilson would be the one to leave the game after those two players collided, but, nope, it was Eloy.

Jimenez is going back to Chicago to get re-evaluated and is likely heading to another IL stint. If so, it will be Jimenez’s second trip to the IL this season.

The Sox already dearly miss Tim Anderson, and any time without Jimenez is going to hurt even more. Get ready for more lineups featuring Ryan Cordell, Charlie Tilson and José Rondón. That makes my stomach hurt. And I had a delicious meal tonight.

That collision did not even result in an error. In fact, Tilson hung on to the ball.

Cease’s final line was actually pretty good, considering his high pitch count early in the game. Cease went six innings, giving up eight hits and walking just one. He allowed six runs, but just four were earned.

You can jot Leury Garcia, Moncada and Cease down for errors tonight. You can also ask what in the world Ryan Cordell was doing on Whit Merrifield’s fourth-inning, inside-the-park home run. Cordell dove for the slicing line drive and was nowhere near it. It cost the Sox two runs.

The loss pushes the White Sox back to 42-49; at this point, .500 will be quite the improbable hike.

Remember when some fans were talking about that second wild card spot in late May? Injuries have not helped, but those did not factor into awful DH play, one good starter and bad defense all year long.

Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!