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Six Pack of Stats: Marlins 5, White Sox 1

Near-perfect pitching paves way for a Miami Marlins victory over the Chicago White Sox

Hello, Darkness, my old friend: Starlin Castro and Curtis Granderson, veterans of the game, muscle their way to a Miami win.

On the 10-year anniversary of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game, the Chicago White Sox were hoping for another one out of their righthander, Dylan Covey. The problem? Covey isn’t a lefty, he doesn’t wear No. 56, and he gave up four runs in the fourth.

However, for the Miami Marlins, Caleb Smith channeled his inner Buehrle. Although he didn’t channel Buehrle enough, he pitched a perfect 6 23 innings, which paved the way for a highly probable Miami victory.


The aforementioned Caleb Smith added tremendously to his WPA. At a .249 value, the next closest would be Starlin Castro’s .143. Pitching a perfect 6 23 innings in a seven-inning outing will do wonders for a winning probability.


The South Siders had a dismal -.277 WPA. Dylan Covey’s first three clean innings gave the Sox the upper hand for a probable win. But after the unfortunate fourth, the Sox’s totaled WPA was not a positive number, leading to yet another loss in the second half of the season.


The Good Guys mustered a two-hit performance alongside two walks during tonight’s mellow game. These terrible twos were unable to complement one another for a victory.

5, 6

Miami’s offense scored five runs off of six hits. The inner hitter of Buehrle is smiling.


Surprisingly, considering the outcome of the game, both pitching staffs accumulated a 0.53 pLI, facing identical cumulative pressure from start to finish.


The Sox’s newly acquainted cleanup hitter, Yoán Moncada, summoned his inner Buehrle in a not-so-helpful way. Accumulating a -.056 WPA, YoYo wasn’t quite the hero as he was in last night’s offensive outburst.