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Masterful Giolito handcuffs Twins in CG win

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Seven hits from White Sox top three pace 4-0 whitewash, series win

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
Look who could be smiling his way back into the Cy Young race: Luc-ace Giolito.
David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

There’s another name around the AL, shoving his way back into Cy Young consideration.

Sure, it’s the longest of shots, but Chicago White Sox ace Lucas Giolito did just what a stopper should on Wednesday, taking the bad taste of Tuesday’s blowout and wiping it away less than 24 hours later.

The best of the bunch of those Ks was the second, where Giolito doubled up on his changeup to punch out Eddie Rosario. You gotta have a badass change, and some real stones, to double up your change to such a strong hitter.

Giolito’s day was delightful: a complete game shutout, with 12 Ks, no walks and three hits. MASTERFUL.

The offense was hilariously weak and opportunistic, but no one’s complaining. Abreu tapped out three hits, Tim Anderson another two, Leury García two, accounting for seven of the team’s tally of 10.

It’s tell how badly Giolito was putting the sleeper hold on the Twins that this relatively pedestrian catch, swell to be sure, elicited the raised voices and animated kudos, for Adam Engel.

The White Sox salvage the road trip at 3-4 with today’s series win, and start up a homestand against the Texas Rangers tomorrow night.