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Should Eloy become a DH? and other White Sox stories

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A semi-regular trip around the web ...

MLB: AUG 16 White Sox at Angels Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well hey there, off-day theater today, so let’s take a look at some bits and bytes around the league.

First off, occupying the leadoff position in this lineup every time we run out some White Sox blog links, is South Side Hit Pen, brought to you by some of your favorite ex-South Side Soxers. There are some interesting trinkets and tidbits available there, to be sure.

Today, Joe Resis took a look at Eloy Jiménez’s defensive value, and whether or not the experiment of playing him in left field should continue.

What if Eloy played DH full-time? – South Side Hit Pen
Now is not the time to punt on Eloy Jiménez's defense. As the former No. 3 overall prospect, Jiménez is vital to what the White Sox are trying to do in the next few years, and improving his defense could go a long way.

The White Sox Minor League Update you’ve come to know and love at SSS over many years, expanded and enhanced for the 2018-19 seasons, now resides over at SSHP. The latest incarnation, for those of you who somehow haven’t realized it has relocated:

White Sox Minor League Update: August 25, 2019 – South Side Hit Pen
A ridiculous finale in Arizona, as well as a doubleheader sweep in Montana, paces today's action.

Six Pack of Stats? A lesser-known SSS feature, but nonetheless an interesting one. Also, one that is now largely being ripped off by our short-time merger partners ... how’s that for pals?

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 2, Rangers 0 – South Side Hit Pen
Mal Tiempo collects RBIs No. 99 and 100

Fun stuff abounds over there, too, like this largely-musical piece by SSS’s Falstaff:

José Abreu: 999 Emergency – South Side Hit Pen
José Abreu is about to go four figures on the lumberometer, having amassed 999 career hits. How about we soundtrack the feat?

Recaps and gamethread discussions are over at SSHP as well, including this very clever “sitcom gamer” from Leonard Gore:

Everybody Loves Ross (Detwiler) – South Side Hit Pen
If you ever wondered what it would be like if a White Sox win was reimagined in a sitcom, this is the recap for you!

And finally, SSHP has history — and there’s a lot more to come starting in September. Here’s part of a two-story series from WSM:

The 1994 White Sox, and a season ended too soon – South Side Hit Pen
In first place, and second-best in the AL at the time games stopped, we’ll never know what could have been for the 1994 White Sox.

Our old pals didn’t quite treat us right, but that doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge a pretty decent (exhaustive, to be sure) bit of transcribing during the Angels series. (Warning: If Bill Walton causes you to break out into hives, skip to the next clip.)

Bill Walton Tracker: A Running Blog of Friday Night's White Sox Broadcast - Sox On 35th

Jim-Jim took a timely, exhaustive, podcast-promoting peek at Sox Park, reconsidered, over at the machine:

Following up: There's still plenty of time to appreciate Guaranteed Rate Field

And because we have to include at least one piece from the beat, here’s all-around good guy Daryl Van Schouwen’s take on (one of?) the latest White Sox controversies, Rick Hahn and the Amazing, Everchanging Window of Contention:

When will White Sox contend? That’s to be determined, GM Rick Hahn says - Chicago Sun-Times

OK, talk amongst yourselves, with all this to chew on. Adios, amigos!