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Offense? Offensive!

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White the White Sox arms worked overtime, the bats were in deep freeze

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Tough luck: Giolito was dealing on Tuesday, but Chicago’s bats didn’t cooperate.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Just about the most exciting thing to happen at the Chicago White Sox game tonight, aside from WIN05 getting a massive pile of prime rib, fixins and cookies for like $12 in the frou-frou club level, was Jason Benetti and Steve Stone almost getting brained by a foul ball.

It was that sort of contest, a 3-1 snoozer to the Minnesota Twins. The White Sox scored just once, courtesy of Tim Anderson:

Otherwise, the offense was badly lacking: Just six hits, and winceable 13 Ks against just one walk. The bottom third of the order accounted for just one of the baker’s dozen Ks, as Anderson and Yoán Moncada and took on three apiece, Leury García, Eloy Jiménez and José Abreu two.

We did get Lucas Giolito’s 200th strikeout of the season:

Giolito was butter once more, giving up four hits and three walks against nine Ks. Two second-inning solo shots were the only damage he surrendered, indicating that Luc paid any other traffic generated by the Twinkies no mind. And the pen held firm enough, Kelvin Herrea excepted, over three innings as well.

Back at ‘em tomorrow. The pitching over the past week has been otherworldly. But the dead Texas bats that allowed the White Sox to win despite sub-optimal offense over the weekend have been replaced by the Bomba Boys or whatever those Minny nerds are rallying behind this year. Let’s step up the offense on Wednesday!