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Programming notes during Hurricane Dorian

There’s a chance of some gamethread and recap issues in the coming week

US-WEATHER-HURRICANE Photo credit should read LUCY WORBOYS/AFP/Getty Images

Hurricane Dorian? Why do we care about that up in Chicago, at least in a practical sense?

Well, as many of you are aware, the editor/writer base that runs SSS, me and Year of the Hamster, both operate out of Florida. And while neither of us are seemingly in harm’s way, surely there will be some brownout circumstatnces prior to and in the aftermath of the storms.

That means there’s a chance of gamethreads that fall into “is this the gamethread?” circumstances, and gamers running later than usual. Ex-SSS stalwarts Joe Resis and Ashley Sanders are also poised at the ready to provide content and updates, to help keep the site humming along through this next week or so.

Fingers crossed, there are no issues at all, and the White Sox have a successful (and dry) week of baseball ahead. But, heads up, in case you’re curious about a late or missing piece ... that’s the story.