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New merch roundup!

Some cool new stuff, from people you may remember

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Hey there, it’s your ol’ pal Brett, checking in to let you know about the first of many cool new shirts &c. we’ve debuted over at sister site South Side Hit Pen (including our release on the first shirt).

We’ve created a TeePublic store to produce our own designs, including the Hi Mom!! Eloy Jiménez shirt depicted above.

If you indulged in either of our SSS/BreakingT joints (Pinwheel Power and STICK TALK), these TeePublic shirts are of similar quality, perhaps a touch less expensive, and go even more directly to helping out the writing you once saw here at SSS, just over at SSHP.

Please have a look at the store with some regularity, as our Maestro of Merch Lauren Wilner is working overtime to stock it with awesomeness.

On my end, I’ve tried to be impossibly clever with all sorts of ideas that will help out those core writers, given our initial pleas never approached more than half of the support we really needed. The plus with any purchases you make is that you get some cool merch while also keeping the most exhaustive White Sox coverage out there rolling strong.

But anyway, this is no cajole, but just a heads-up that there is some cool stuff out there you might miss if you’re not in the habit of reading every White Sox blog out there.

As the season winds down, it’s a great time to also stop and say THANK YOU for your readership and participation this season, as it is the ONLY reason SSS exists.