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Wherefore art thou, Reylo? and a premature goodbye

A semi-regular trip around the web ...

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Don’t walk: Without López’s secondary pitches, he won’t survive as a starter.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Welcome to another edition of, well, whatever this is called.

Leading off our latest look around the league is a story package from South Side Hit Pen, the departed SSS crew reconvening via WordPress.

This exquisite piece of analysis from Darren Black (aka SSS’s Darren Jackson) isolates what made López great during that short stretch of second-half starts.

Who is Reynaldo López? – South Side Hit Pen
The sky is still the limit for this fireballer, but time is starting to become an enemy instead of an ally.

Our IceColdFalstaff, hired up over at SSHP, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday. Here’s Brett Ballantini’s tribute.

Rob Warmowski: an appreciation – South Side Hit Pen
Gone too soon. All that's left is to celebrate what was, and lament what could have been. Goodbye, Rob.

A new feature at SSHP is Mark Liptak’s White Sox almanac pieces, just the first of much more to come from the Lip.

Today in White Sox History: September 1 – South Side Hit Pen
Exciting news! South Side Hit Pen has added White Sox historian Mark Liptak to the roster! This Date in White Sox History is the first of many future features from Mark.

Also from Darren comes a series of recaps and previews of the lowest levels of the White Sox system.

2019 DSL White Sox season recap – South Side Hit Pen
The DSL Sox greatly improved from their abysmal 2018 performance, thanks to huge seasons from players like Benyamin Bailey, Ronaldo Guzman, and Yolbert Sánchez.

2019 AZL White Sox season recap – South Side Hit Pen
It was an inspiring year for the AZL White Sox, in spite of a mediocre record.

Arizona Fall League: White Sox edition – South Side Hit Pen
Some of the more well-known White Sox prospects are heading down to play in Arizona in the revamped AFL.

In addition to a recent piece on Yoán Moncada that was phenomenal, FanGraphs keeps priming the pump with premium White Sox writing. First, Jay Jaffe breaks down just how much better Lucas Giolito is than any other candidate for Most Improved Pitcher.

Lucas Giolito Is by Far This Season’s Most Improved Pitcher | FanGraphs Baseball
Jay Jaffe's peek at the Top 20 MIPs sees our ace well outdistancing the field, crediting his attack mentality along with a host of other factors.

Brendan Gawlowski checks in on TA, focusing mostly on his high average, and notes that when paired with his uncommonly low walk rate, his hitting has been somewhat of a miracle.

Tim Anderson is Quietly Having a Wild Year | FanGraphs Baseball
At just the time Timmy is starting to become a flashpoint once again here at SSS, Brendan Gawlowski checks in to note how unique and extraordinary his hitting has been this season — and its not a mere product of an outlying BABIP.