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South Side Sox wants you!

A few opportunities for the strong, the proud ... the White Sox fan!

Hey all, as the season winds down, the offseason winds up!

And that’s where you might be able to help us out, both here at South Side Sox and over at sister site South Side Hit Pen as well.

Fantasy league manager

We want to start up two or three leagues in the offseason, and I see someone to manage that. Management will mostly consist of running games and either emailing or posting daily reports. I’m not going to give too much away, except to say it’s too much work for me to do alone, setting up and running a draft, running games daily or every few days, disseminating reports. A dedicated commissioner would be ideal to pull this off.

You’d download the software I want to use ($15, I believe) and work with me toward setting up the league, even recruiting owners. Posting results would earn some writing pay — although if writing isn’t your thing, forwarding results for me to recap will be fine, too. Contact me directly to discuss my ideas for the league(s).

Artist/Graphic designer

While we already have the talent Tom Borowski (@Tom_Paints) on staff, we could use additional artists to help with logos and merchandise ... as well as art directly for the sites, if you’re so inclined.

The money here is trickier, in that we’re not talking about a certain number of site posts. But contact me with interest in working on art for us and we’ll spitball some ideas for pay.


While we have a fuller roster of writers between the two sites than ever, of course I’m always willing to talk with interested contributors. Some of you reading out there I’ve already been in touch with to write, so follow up if interested. But if you’re curious about contributing to our team coverage, drop a line and let me know.

We’re not at season’s end yet, and it won’t be the first time I say this, but thanks to all of your for your readership and interest this season. It’s been a trying year. I hope more of you will take a look at us over at SSHP, where the lion’s share of our content now resides.

Forever and always, thanks to each and every one of you for being a member of our community. It’s great fun to be able to shepherd coverage for you, on the biggest White Sox community site out there.