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A brief round-up of the latest, conscripted participation

Hall of Fame votes and a baseball simulation, all eager for your input!

Afternoon delight: Join our simulated league this summer, playing at this (virtual) ballpark.
Philip Bess/

While we’re steaming toward Prospect No. 20 here with SSS’s Top Prospect poll, there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on over at our sister site as well.

As you’ve undoubtedly read in those Top Prospect poll articles, there are two separate Hall of Fame votes underway at South Side Hit Pen: The Veteran’s Committee ballot, and the regular 2020 Hall of Fame vote. Participation has been very light with both votes, and if you can spare just a few minutes of your time, it would be great to have you weigh in on both elections. There’s no registration or credit card number required, just a willingness to read the ballot, or simply scroll down to the bottom of each story and cast your votes.

And just announced on Sunday was a brand-new idea at SSHP, the Armour Square Park League. SSHP staff, most of whom you are familiar with from their SSS days, have chosen their White Sox player comps to represent them in the simulation play of the league. We’ve got Joe Resis as Ray Durham, Leigh Allan as Alexei Ramírez, and so on.

If you choose to support SSHP to any degree, you’re invited to play in the league as well. You choose your position (where you played when you were younger, or where you always saw yourself on the field if you never played ball), then pick a player in White Sox history who you feel would be good to represent you and your playing style.

Supporters will form a “Patrons” team(s) to play in the league with us. Every week, I’ll run some games and post results on site. Chances are, a weekly or regular update on the league will show up here, too. It’ll be fun.

It’s not the only bell and/or whistle I’ll come up with this summer to entice your support of our work there, but it is the latest. Please consider helping out, and joining our league!