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SSHP Hall of Fame votes: Jeter, Walker, Miñoso in

Full ballots mark robust voting in regular and Veteran’s elections

Sports Contributor Archive 2019
The one and only: Minnie Miñoso was elected in our first-ever Veteran’s Committee fan vote.
Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Excellent news for all of you lamenting the lack of Minnie Miñoso in the Hall of Fame: South Side Hit Pen voters have elected him to our Hall of Fame, in a first-ever Veteran’s Committee vote.

In the regular vote, SSHP readers chose Derek Jeter (83%) and Larry Walker (77%) as the 2020 class.

Runner-ups in both categories were Dick Allen (58%) in the Veteran’s vote, Curt Schilling (58%) in the regular election. In his first year on the ballot, Paul Konerko grabbed 37%.

For the regular election, voters averaged 8.04 players per ballot, of a maximum of 10. In the Veteran’s vote, the average ballot had 3.77 players (maximum four).

Click the links above to hop over to South Side Hit Pen and see full results.

And in a catch-up sense, the site also published a cache of Chicago White Sox video from last week’s Hitter’s Camp, including batting cage footage and one-on-one interviews with several participants.