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SSHP Podcast 10: Astros cheating scandal, Hall of Fame results

The buzz on buzzers, and Jeter, Walker and Miñoso make our Hall

Minnie Minoso obituary
Congratulations, Minnie: Miñoso’s SSHP fan election is one of the many topics covered on the podcast.
Chicago Tribune archive photo/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Former SSS and current SSHP news editor Joe Resis joins Brett Ballantini for a wide-ranging discussion of a busy week for off-field news, from the continuing Houston Astros scandal, the White Sox connection (?), SSHP Hall of Fame results, the Armour Park League for Patreon supporters, and a mini-preview of SoxFest.

The podcast is still getting listed on various podcasting platforms, but it is now available via Apple!