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2020 White Sox spring training broadcast schedule

Game action begins in a month!

Here’s an update to the offseason calendar we published last fall, before the White Sox decided to transform themselves from pretender to contender. It’s much more exciting this way! The centerpiece of it all is the just-released spring training broadcast schedule. Clip n’ save.

January 24-25: SoxFest

The White Sox hold their first Friday-Saturday SoxFest, and at a new location, McCormick Place. It’s the 28th year of SoxFest, and if you’ve never gone, give it a whirl, it’s great fun. Tickets are still available for everything but the all-new Breakfast With the Sox Experience.

February 3: Arbitration hearings start

Any players eligible for arbitration who haven’t yet been locked up by their teams will have hears in February. Independent arbiters will decide between the figures exchanged three weeks earlier, and the arbitration process is win or loss — no splitting down the middle.

February 12: pitchers and catchers report

Pitchers and catchers report to Camelback Ranch on February 12.

February 17: players report, first squad workout

The entire club is due at Camelback Ranch by February 17.

February 22: Spring Training opener

The White Sox host the Angels at Camelback Ranch on the second Saturday after pitchers and catchers report, kicking off another Cactus League season. Here’s the full schedule:

March 26: Opening Day

Lord in heaven, the White Sox open at home ... in March ... hosting the Kansas City Royals.