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Tweetstorm: SoxFest Day 1

A look at the rambunctious opening, told mostly through the eyes of our own Janice Scurio

Janice Scurio/South Side Sox

Well, if you never thought you’d live to see the day when two Filipinas share a byline on a Chicago White Sox blog, well, find a new impossible dream.

SoxFest 2020 coverage for us is being provided by South Side Hit Pen’s own Janice Scurio, with some additional curation by yours truly. We are hoping to get some actual writing from/on SoxFest from Janice later on, but for now, let’s join her as she glides through the Fest. (Also, enjoy cameos from other ex-SSSers like Julie Brady, Tom Borowski, Dan Victor, Danks for Nothin, Sean Williams and Cat García.)

[Shakeia Taylor aka @curlyfro is an award-nominated Baseball Prospectus writer who Brett has been actively trying to recruit for South Side Hit Pen. She wrote the definitive essay on the Tim Anderson bat-flip this summer.]

[Did he say at the end that “in the back of some guys’ minds this [the scandal] will stick forever.”? Wow, if so, heavy. And probably appropriate.]

[Best thing about writing for SSS or SSHP? You get to drink on the job. Tagay!]

[Last year’s SSS SoxFest scribe, Cat García, with this year’s, Janice.]