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Tweetstorm: SoxFest Day 2

The finale brings the house down with bat flips, art crawls, another SoxMath win for our guy, and love for South Side Sox!

Paul Sullivan: Can newcomers Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel help White Sox win and win over fans?
Swaggy: If there’s one thing the White Sox were oozing at SoxFest, it was attitude and style.
Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

OK, we’re back again, bringing you the best of SoxFest Day 2 (The Finale).

SoxFest 2020 coverage for us is being provided by South Side Hit Pen’s own Janice Scurio, with some additional curation by yours truly. Janice is putting together a feature on Tim Anderson for us tomorrow, but for now, let’s join her once again as she glides through the Fest. (Also, enjoy cameos from other ex-SSSers and SSHP family like James Fox, Tom Borowski, Amber Giese, Sean Williams, Colleen Sullivan, and Joe Resis.)

[It’s the athletic; they get to swear!]