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Hey, White Sox fans: Ask Me After the Parade

Welcome in a new competitive era with our tribute to Rick Hahn’s chutzpah!

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Get on the bus: Rick Hahn’s invite has turned into some 2020 ballgame wear, SSS fans!

We’ve taken GM Rick Hahn’s new catch phrase out of SoxFest

and turned into a new brand of rally wear.

Our latest collaboration with Breaking T sees us riding Hahn’s White Sox all the way to Wacker Drive for another World Series rally:

Ask Me After the Parade is available now from Breaking T.

All shapes and sizes are available, in T-shirt or hoodie.

When you click on our link to buy, it does leave a tip for our writing staff, so thank you in advance for your shopping consideration.

And, to review, here’s the rest of the heralded, award-winning Breaking T — South Side Sox wardrobe.

Parrot Power!

Pinwheel Power!


Yaz We Can!

Kid Keuchy!