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Get Your Hall of Famer Baseball Person T-Shirt from Sox Machine

Do you want a topical shirt that also goes towards something good? Look no further!

Some of you might not know me, so, hello. My name is Chrystal, a lifelong baseball fan, newer White Sox fan, and one of the South Side Hit Pen writers now here at South Side Sox. I’m also married to Billy O’Keefe, longtime contributor to SSS who moved on as Sox Machine came to be. Thankfully, we can coexist while contributing our talents to different White Sox sites.

After the details were made known, in 20 minutes’ time Billy produced a shirt for Sox Machine with the now-infamous words “Hall of Famer Baseball Person,” spewed by an intoxicated Tony La Russa as he was being pulled over yet again in February. Josh Nelson tweeted the design last week, with details to follow.

The shirt was released today, with proceeds going to Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. AAIM is Illinois’ first action group to fight against driving under the influence.

While fans might not have any impact on Jerry Reinsdorf’s poor decision-making, we can match our anger and frustration by doing some good — giving some of our hard-earned money to charity instead of lining Jerry’s pockets. It’s not like any respectable free agent wants to come to Chicago now. Looking at you, Stro. *long sigh*

Stay angry, as we have every right to as fans. But also, come together and help AAIM while wearing a topical shirt so people can recognize you as an embarrassed and angry White Sox fan. Perhaps you can even commiserate with your new, sad White Sox friends — either over Zoom or while remaining six feet away ... because you know, the whole pandemic thing is still happening.

You can order a shirt from our friends over at Sox Machine, while supplies last.