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South Side Sox Podcast 12: Surplus Values and Minor League Contraction

Brett Ballantini talks with Colleen Sullivan about the best and worst deals of last offseason, and the rise of the proletariat class in minor league baseball

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox
Will future White Sox slugger Kris Bryant lead the charge to tag out service time manipulation in the next collective bargaining agreement?
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Colleen Sullivan hops back on the podcast and pays only cursory attention to the Houston Trashcans and New York Mets, as we discuss Brett’s recent series of surplus value articles, and more:

  • Colleen has a clear favorite move of last offseason — but two flops by Rick Hahn to discuss, as well.
  • Should Rick have listened to Colleen’s scouting report on the Rangers before ringing up Nomar Mazara in trade?
  • Brett is so busy doing podcasts, or so tryptophanned after Thanksgiving, he can’t remember if this is edition No. 11 or 12.
  • It’s counterintuitive, but will minor-league contraction pave the way for better treatment of minor leaguers?
  • Why the White Sox would never have signed Marcus Stroman (and no, it’s got nothing to do with Tony La Russa).

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