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South Side Sox Podcast 13: Winter Meetings breakdown

Brett Ballantini talks with Rob Colletti about the good (Lance Lynn) and bad (Adam Eaton) of the past week, and where we go from here

Actor, musician, White Sox fan, SSS writer and fellow paesan Rob Colletti makes his SSS Podcast debut to discuss the good and bad of the Winter Meetings for the White Sox:

  • Somewhere, an agent is likely preventing any future podcast appearances after Brett cajoles a starring role in Grease 2: The Touring Musical out of Rob
  • Rob’s next project, coronavirus pending: Almost Famous, on Broadway
  • Adam Eaton: what the hell? (or: Why it’s OK to go ham over a “minor” move.)
  • What is the “part two” of this Eaton acquisition, because surely the best move in RF this offseason isn’t to create a double-AE platoon?
  • The Lance Lynn deal, which has Rob jazzed and gets a mea culpa from Brett after hand-wringing over giving up Dane Dunning
  • Where do the White Sox go from here, including a focus on acquiring a rising star in RF, Anthony Santander (as outlined in Rob’s offseason piece from earlier this week)
  • Would the ghosts of Leo Durocher and Billy Martin really stab Brett over his desire to keep Trevor Bauer out of the White Sox clubhouse?

Listen on the Megaphone player above, or check out this and the entire family of SSS podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

If you’d like to view the proceedings and say hello to Rob’s pup Chewie, watch below!