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Prospect Project Unfinished: Your (sorta) 2020 SSS Top Prospects

As we embark on another year of prospect voting, here’s a look at how the youngsters wrangled out for the minors season never played

MiLB: JUL 04 Pensacola Blue Wahoos at Birmingham Barons
2020 South Side Sox Top Prospect Who Never Was, Luis Robert
Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last year, we did complete our Top 50 Prospect vote, which is a key feeder into our longer Top 100 Prospect countdown (a year ago, the former ran on SSS, the latter at South Side Hit Pen):

  1. Luis Robert
  2. Michael Kopech
  3. Nick Madrigal
  4. Andrew Vaughn
  5. Dane Dunning
  6. Zack Collins
  7. Jonathan Stiever
  8. Luis Basabe
  9. Gavin Sheets
  10. Blake Rutherford
  11. Micker Adolfo
  12. Matthew Thompson
  13. Andrew Dalquist
  14. Yermín Mercedes
  15. Benyamin Bailey
  16. Danny Mendick
  17. Luis González
  18. Jimmy Lambert
  19. Tyler Johnson
  20. Ian Hamilton
  21. Jake Burger
  22. Zack Burdi
  23. Andrew Perez
  24. Codi Heuer
  25. Konnor Pilkington
  26. DJ Gladney
  27. Bernardo Flores Jr.
  28. Yolbert Sánchez
  29. Bryce Bush
  30. Will Kincanon
  31. Bennett Sousa
  32. José Rodriguez
  33. Matt Foster
  34. Alec Hansen
  35. Seby Zavala
  36. James Beard
  37. Lenyn Sosa
  38. Bryan Ramos
  39. Kade McClure
  40. Avery Weems
  41. Craig Dedelow
  42. Caleb Frare
  43. Kodi Medeiros
  44. Ronaldo Guzman
  45. Caleb Freeman
  46. Sammy Peralta
  47. Harvin Mendoza
  48. Luis Mieses
  49. Jacob Lindgren
  50. Logan Glass

As for the actual Top Prospect list for 2020, which incorporates not only our SSS crowdsourced vote but individual staff writer lists and expert lists outside of our site (FanGraphs, MLB Pipeline, etc.), we only officially wrote up (from 100) to No. 45 (Craig Dedelow) before the minor league season was called off and rendered the remaining list a little moot.

(Yes, you’ll note the rankings don’t exactly correlate between the list below and our ranking at SSHP. Listen, man, numbers aren’t my strength. They didn’t play the season, anyhow.)

So, while you can read all the writeups on the bottom of the Top 100 list, ending at Dedelow, the full list was never published.

So here you go, the full list, including all the guys we didn’t get around to writing up:

South Side Sox Top 100 Prospects (2020)

  1. Luis Robert (unanimous)
  2. Michael Kopech
  3. Andrew Vaughn
  4. Nick Madrigal
  5. Jonathan Stiever
  6. Dane Dunning
  7. Zack Collins
  8. Luis Basabe
  9. Micker Adolfo
  10. Matthew Thompson
  11. Gavin Sheets
  12. Blake Rutherford
  13. Andrew Dalquist
  14. Luis González
  15. Jimmy Lambert
  16. Tyler Johnson
  17. Ian Hamilton
  18. Codi Heuer
  19. Danny Mendick
  20. Bernardo Flores Jr.
  21. Yolbert Sánchez
  22. Konnor Pilkington
  23. Zack Burdi
  24. Yermín Mercedes
  25. Jake Burger
  26. Benyamin Bailey
  27. Lenyn Sosa
  28. Bryce Bush
  29. DJ Gladney
  30. James Beard
  31. Seby Zavala
  32. José Rodriguez
  33. Bryan Ramos
  34. Andrew Perez
  35. Matt Foster
  36. Bennett Sousa
  37. Alec Hansen
  38. Will Kincanon
  39. Luis Mieses
  40. Kade McClure
  41. Caleb Frare
  42. Jacob Lindgren
  43. Craig Dedelow
  44. Avery Weems
  45. Kodi Medeiros
  46. Ronaldo Guzman
  47. Johan Dominguez
  48. Zach Remillard
  49. Sammy Peralta
  50. Taylor Varnell
  51. Jason Bilous
  52. Chase Krogman
  53. Caleb Freeman
  54. Caberea Weaver
  55. Harvin Mendoza
  56. Lency Delgado
  57. Anderson Comas
  58. McKinley Moore
  59. Laz Rivera
  60. Logan Glass
  61. Elijah Tatís
  62. Blake Battenfield
  63. Tyler Osik
  64. Kelvin Maldonado
  65. Lincoln Henzman
  66. Johnabiell Laureano
  67. Kyle Kubat
  68. Vince Arobio
  69. Zach Thompson
  70. Yoelvin Silven
  71. Austin Conway
  72. Victor Torres
  73. Luis Curbelo
  74. Manuel Veloz
  75. Alex Destino
  76. Tyler Frost
  77. Dan Metzdorf
  78. John Parke
  79. Joel Booker
  80. Anthony Coronado
  81. Ian Dawkins
  82. Cristian Mena
  83. Matt Tomshaw
  84. Camilo Quinteiro
  85. Garvin Alston Jr.
  86. Josue Guerrero
  87. Corey Zangari
  88. Sam Abbott
  89. Luis Ledo
  90. Carlos Perez
  91. Spencer Adams
  92. Hansen Butler
  93. Harold Diaz
  94. Hunter Schryver
  95. Jefferson Mendoza
  96. Misael González
  97. Lane Ramsey
  98. Wilber Sánchez
  99. Danny Dopico
  100. Wilber Perez

The purpose for getting this administrative duty out of the way is that we’re about to embark on our next season of Top Prospect Voting, which will begin tomorrow. Next week, we’ll begin our Top 100 Prospect writeups, again counting up the list from No. 100.

The plan is to publish a prospect poll for you to vote on pretty much every day until we hit No. 50. In the case of the Top 100, we’ll try to hit it on a daily basis; if word leaks that the minor league season is being staggered and won’t start till, say, May 1, things may slow down a bit.

There will be a lot of changes to this year’s list. By quick and dirty count, at least a dozen players from last year’s Top 100 either graduated or were released from the White Sox organization. With the reduction in forces caused by the loss of Great Falls, this means this year’s Top 100 will cover more than half of all players in the White Sox system.

So, to a final point.

You may wonder why we write these stories. We catch considerable hell, it seems, from the South Side elites who want to mock the notion that we profile, and vote on, guys who may never sniff the majors.

“WHO CARES” amirite?

Well, we care.

We love these stories.

With Great Falls out of the picture (RIP Voyagers), we have at least one writer, often multiple, in every White Sox affiliate city. Photographers, too. So yeah, we care about this stuff.

It isn’t even about the promise of the player, or the likelihood he’ll make more lifetime impact on the baseball diamond than he will in coaching, bartending, teaching, plumbing, accountancy, doctoring, or retail. Each player has a baseball story. We wish to share it with you.

If a single, short story — which you are, as always, free to skip — once a year, about a guy you’ve never heard of or possibly never wanted to know about, forces you to comment here or elsewhere about how silly we are, well, perhaps this isn’t the diehard White Sox site for you.

For everyone else, welcome to prospect season. I’ll hand the mic to Year of the Hamster to get the Prospect Poll rolling, and away we go.