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Justice Served! La Russa to Spend a Day at Home

Arizona additionally pickpockets the pub-crawling pilot for $1,383

Cardinals Win National League Central Division Photo by Bill Greenblatt/Liaison
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The penalty for driving drunk, as a repeat offender, in a “strict” state such as Arizona, has today been revealed: one day of house arrest, $1,383 ...

... and untold bad publicity and embarrassment for your employer.

Of course, the White Sox would need to have an awareness of such things to feel embarrassment over this fatuous hire.

Our new manager’s lawyer issued a statement (how about THAT for a Christmas present, kids!):

And the White Sox took that statement, and raised:

La Russa met the media after his punishment was announced:

To which, in reply, our old friend mechanical turk raises a valid point:

There were actual baseball questions of La Russa, as well — mostly, it seems, about the need for a closer. But who cares, it’s all some weird attempt by someone(s) in the media to defray attention from the issue at hand. Seriously, who shows up at a DUI press conference and asks about closers, today of all days? Perhaps we can find out what Tony wants from Santa Claus this year, as well.

When listening yesterday to episode cuatro of the Killer B’s podcast, I was struck by the plaudits for new New York Mets owner Steve Cohen. And this is not to pick on Tommy and Keelin, because it seems the entire baseball world is intoxicated by Cohen’s thick wallet and folksy, color-uni-poll charm Twitter account.

While we are losing our heads, rightfully, over the White Sox hire of a guy who has now been convicted twice in the past 13 years of DUI, Mets fans celebrate a new owner who paid almost $2 billion to stay in the good graces of the SEC after getting caught insider trading and is almost definitely guilty of money laundering, bank fraud and racketeering as well.

As bitter as this piece on La Russa is, and as negative as our coverage of him has been — not unfair, I’ll be quick to point out — I’ll advise some perspective. Steve Cohen is a CRIMINAL, stealing money from folks like you and me and getting away with it, laughing his way into the Citi Field owners’ suite.

La Russa was a poor choice for White Sox manager, and has now been caught and convicted again for drunk driving. But now, we try to move on. Perhaps La Russa will learn something from all of this, and pass those lessons on to his team and community, without too many regrets and closet skeletons to live down.

I think I can speak for all of us at South Side Sox in saying I earnest hope that will be the case, and that by the end of La Russa’s tenure as manager we can be proud. Proud of the results on the field — and off of it.

As the Hall of Fame baseball person himself acknowledges, though, he has some work to do.