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South Side Sox Podcast 15: Offseason, Hall of Fame and #SoxMath breakdown

Brett Ballantini hosts Joe Resis for a look at the dog days of the offseason, with some innovative solutions to an incomplete roster

It’s Take 2 for South Side Sox Podcast 15, after a program with Leonard Gore was consumed by gremlins earlier this week. Joe Resis came in out of the bullpen and helped us bring you this Christmas Eve edition. Topics include:

  • Happy Birthday, Lenny Gore!
  • What flavor of cardinal sin will Tony La Russa have to commit to be fired by the White Sox?
  • Cuban imports, Yoelki Céspedes and Norge Vera, or How the White Sox Got Three Top-Tier Arms in Just a Five-Round Draft
  • José Quintana vs. Tomoyuki Sugano and discussion of Joe’s recent piece on finishing the offseason strong
  • Will Hall of Fame voters pitch a shutout this season — and why that could be a good thing for a deserving candidate like Scott Rolen
  • #SoxMath catch-up from the mouth of The Champ himself. Also, why submitting words as answers to SoxMath is an unwise yet crafty strategy.

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