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Killer B’s Podcast 3: Pouring One Out for Rodón and Mazara

Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue talk non-tenders, fielding and hitting options, the Chicago Cubs’ seeming implosion, and the cinema classic Showgirls

Chicago White Sox v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In episode three of the Killer B’s podcast, we thought we would struggle for things to talk about, but we managed to make this our longest episode yet. Join the Killer B’s as we investigate the following topics:

  • Final salute to White Sox non-tenders, Carlos Rodón and Nomar Mazara
  • Post-Mazara: What are we doing in right field and outfield in general? Tommy talks Eddie Rosario, Adam Engel, and Kyle Schwarber
  • While the White Sox are “rebuilding”, and the Cubs are “really rebuilding”: Where will Schwarber and Kris Bryant end up?
  • Speculating on Life After James McCann: Will Yadier Molina reunite with Tony La Russa?
  • Welcome Len Kasper: Noted Bowfinger fan jumps from the Cubs broadcasting team to the South Side
  • What’s next for the minor leagues and in-person games?
  • Awards announcements coming up this week: Roberto Clemente Award, Hank Aaron Award, and the All-MLB Team
  • Onward to a busy, inexpensive off-season and awkward Zoom MLB Winter Meetings
  • Great works of music and cinema such as Michael McDonald, Showgirls, Scarface, and other classics

Please leave comments, questions, or thoughts about what we might talk about in our upcoming episodes.