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Gamethread: White Sox at Reds

Anderson-Moncada up top, Robert in the lineup, Mazara cleanup, Delmonico DH!

Chicago White Sox Workout
Tasty twosome: Dallas Keuchel got his first taste of throwing to all-everything backstop Yasmani Grandal last week.
Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Well, here we are again, SSS, starting our 16th year of Chicago White Sox game coverage.

Obviously, spring coverage is wonky, there’s a hullabaloo on Twitter today over the fact that the exclusive home of the Chicago White Sox (NBC Sports) is broadcasting just six spring training games, but, whatever. Our pledge is to give you daily game coverage, so sit back and strap it down, we’ve got more than seven months of coverage ahead!

With Reynaldo López scheduled for the rained-out opener yesterday, he still got his work in. So next on the schedule is Dylan Cease, making his 2020 debut.

I believe that’s Cincy’s brand-new center fielder, getting the leadoff start for the (I believe) PECOTA-projected 2020 NL Central champs, the Reds!

Your best hope for broadcast coverage is tuning in on the Reds broadcast, WSAI 1360. I presume there will be MLB play-by-play coverage online, but don’t yell at me if there ain’t.