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Gamethreads: Giants at White Sox/White Sox at Cleveland

Drew Anderson leads a near-Opening Day lineup into action at Camelback, while a Triple-A crew takes on Cleveland at Goodyear

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Media Day
Yesterday we McRaed: Today, we Drew.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve got the tough draw so far this spring. Hamster gets the cutsey televised game to start, not me. And now, split-squad action in partial secret. She’s had it easy so far.

OK, two games today, both 2:05 CT starts.

The “primary” game is at Camelback, and if you think the only reason I’m calling it the “primary” game is that it’s streaming (click the link in the tweet below, or just find it at, you’d be wrong. Lookit this semi-Opening Day lineup:

Drew Anderson starts for the White Sox, and his story is very similar to that of yesterday’s starter, Aaron McRae. Anderson tooled around in the Phillies system beginning in 2012, so he’s an MiLB vet (21st round draft choice). He has only one career start in the majors (of nine total appearances), but has spent his entire pro career as a starter. His 7.71 career MLB ERA and career -0.3 bWAR is offset by a 3.56 FIP. Maybe he can handcuff the Giants the way McRae mostly did to a solid L.A. lineup yesterday.

The other game is back at Goodyear Ballpark, where the White Sox earned a win in their Cactus debut. This time, they’re playing Cleveland, and it’s one crazy-ass, Triple-A lineup:

Bernardo Flores Jr. gets the start, so let’s cross fingers he starts off healthy and effective to put 2019 in his rear-view mirror. Pretty sure this is just a Gameday follow, although there could be a Cleveland radio feed or some such. (Hey, I’m still getting my gamethread/recap muscles loose, man.)

Oh, I know some of you might get annoyed with links to other sites, but if you haven’t seen it, check out Janice Scurio’s fun White Sox fan primer while you’re waiting for games to begin.

Dual-recap coming later on tonight, as there will be a lot of baseball to digest.