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Gamethread: White Sox at Rangers

Palka batting cleanup? Sure, it’s Leap Day!

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Leading off for your Chicago White Sox: Yoyo.
Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Another broadcast silence game for us fans today, so happy gamecasting, everyone!

Sean Williams is on the scene to recap the game for South Side Hit Pen, and if his game a week ago was any measure, he’ll be providing some in-game video and snaps. Follow him @Sean_W10 on Twitter. Our staffer Kim Contreras (@FireLeagueKim) is also on the scene, and she’s already periscoped out some White Sox warmups on Twitter.

Drew Anderson is on the hill for the White Sox, as starters 8-12 on the depth chart continue to get late-February reps to determine the Charlotte rotation.

Daniel Palka batting cleanup! Why the hell not? When future non-science administrations rid us of such antiquated notions as planetary rotation, immunizations and a minimum wage, this day’s action will be erased from history, anyway. (Though can you imagine Eloy’s and Robert’s double-take, coming into the clubhouse and seeing they’re batting after Palka?)

It appears the Rangers are putting up a roughly-similar, semi-Opening Day lineup out in Surprise today. So, it’s an even-strength battle.

Ballgame’s at 2:05 CT. See you later on, at recap time.