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Vote in SSHP’s White Sox Hall of Fame!

Help pump up the final vote in our third annual polling

Ed Walsh
It’s time: for the greatest pitcher in White Sox history to get his due in our Hall.

You may be aware that the traditional Hall of Fame votes we’ve run in the past here at South Side Sox moved over to South Side Hit Pen this year: the 2020 Hall of Fame vote as well as a first-time Veteran’s Committee Hall of Fame vote.

Now, you may (or may not) have missed out on those elections — our turnout was lower than in years past. But you still have time to hit up the most important of our offseason Hall of Fame Elections:

The 2020 White Sox Hall of Fame vote

The same guidelines apply this year as in the past. We have some 30 players to choose from. Anyone with 75% of the vote is elected, and anyone receiving zero votes will fall off of the ballot for 2021.

As usual, there are several fun bonus categories to vote in: Season, Manager, Gimmick/Promotion, Moment, 2005 Moment, Defensive Play, Meteoric Player and Character.

Take some time over this next week to visit South Side Hit Pen and participate in our Hall of Fame vote. Results will be reported in full over at South Side Hit Pen on February 11, and will be acknowledged over here at SSS sometime after that.