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The new White Sox Nike jerseys and merch have officially dropped!

And every purchase via our site links leaves a tip for SSS staff!

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Let’s be straight right off: This is going to be a phenomenal season for White Sox merch. We’ve got new names in town (Yasmani Grandal, Dallas Keuchel, Edwin Encarnación, Gio González, Nomar Mazara, Steve Cishek), tons of hometown heroes who’ve been with the team for some time (Eloy Jiménez, Tim Anderson, Yoán Moncada, José Abreu) and even a couple of young bloods who are certain to make an impact on the 2020 club in short order (Luis Robert, Nick Madrigal).

So with plenty of names to fall in love with this season, it only makes sense you slap at least one on the back of a jersey, right?

With help from merch maven Isaac Chipps, we offer a preseason guide to the newest White Sox jerseys and team wear available — all featuring the new Nike swoosh.

Happy shopping — and as always, any purchases made from the links embedded below (even if you click on a jersey but then end up buying, say, a hat) will leave a tip for SSS and its extended staff. We appreciate your perusals and purchases!

The White Sox Nike Jerseys

Eloy Jimenez Chicago Nike Home 2020 Authentic Player Jersey for $300

The White Sox Nike T-shirts and hoodies