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Flashback: Opening Day, 2005

The first win in a season in which the White Sox would lead the division from wire-to-wire

Celeveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Time travel: Back 15 years, to a glorious start to a glorious season.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

One of the best of Mark Buehrle’s many “two-hour specials,” we present the first game in our Flashback (aka, “something to watch” during this 2020 baseball pause) series: Opening Day 2005.

Buehrle was brilliant, Shingo frisbeed into a first save, and the White Sox parlayed a double-SF-E6 into the only run of the game.

Notable: Paulie, relative to the slowpoke Eeyore we knew at the tail end of his career books (relatively) quickly to second on his double. Like, with a real athlete’s strides. Jermaine Dye, in his first career White Sox game, blisters a screamer to right field, and PK tags to get to third. Cleveland plays the infield in (?) with Paulie on third base, and Aaron Rowand first-pitch hunting dribbles a grounder to short that ... Jhonny Peralta booted. (It was the first act of good fortune for the gilded 2005 White Sox, because Konerko was off on contact and would have been so dead at home it would have counted for two outs.)

Anyway, just two hits and a walk over eight for Buehrle, for an 82 game score, and a 1-0 win.

Here’s the full ballgame, including Opening Day player intros and postgame remarks from Ozzie and Buerhle:

We do have a backlog of administrative posts to make during the break: some stats stuff, the final edition of the Top Prospect Vote/wrap-up, and probably some other goofy items. But we’ll try to get a game a day up for everyone to watch together, for as long as this 2020 break stretches.

If you are kind enough to indulge, feel free to stop over at South Side Hit Pen as well, as our guys over there will be continuing to put out Top 100 Prospect profiles, miscellaneous features, history, and podcasts.