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Flashback: 2005 World Series, Game 1

The White Sox never trailed, with plenty of heroes pacing a 5-3 win

2005 World Series Game 1: Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox Photo by: 2005 Diamond Images/Getty Images

All right, chapter three of our no-baseball Flashback series gets right to some good stuff, Game 1 of the 2005 World Series, a 5-3 White Sox win.

The White Sox never trailed, with Jermaine Dye getting Good Guys on the board with a solo shot off of Roger Clemens as the third batter of the game.

Houston would rally to tie the White Sox at both 1-1 and 3-3, but it wasn’t to be. The big moment for the White Sox came down to the stellar bullpen. Neal Cotts and Bobby Jenks were stellar, going two innings and striking out five of the seven batters they faced. Jenks faced Jeff Bagwell with runners on second and third in the eighth — and whiffed him in a big-time mano a mano battle.

And the hitting hero was clearly Joe Crede, who hit the eventual game-winning home run back in the fourth inning (on an 0-2 count), giving the White Sox a 4-3 lead. Crede was also nails on defense, making play after play in the game, including a couple heart-stopping plays with the tying run on third base.

Here it is, a strange copy of Game 1 that plays to the end, then starts over again, so no worries, this won’t take four hours of your day to watch.