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SSS Podcast 7: Zack Burdi’s return, and other under-the-radar storylines

Trevor Lines hops on the podcast to discuss his recent writing, as well as some early takes on the 2020 White Sox

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Zack’s back: Burdi seemed to have turned a corner in his long rehab back from TJS with a solid early spring.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Brett Ballantini welcomes SSS FanPoster and SSHP writer Trevor Lines, to discuss his recent writings. Topics include Zack Burdi’s arm adjustment, Kelvin Herrera’s chance of an improved season, the 26th man battle, and Trevor’s baseball career and entry into Sox fandom.

We record this podcast with obvious concern for the well-being of our fellow White Sox fans dealing with the stresses and possible health ramifications of the coronavirus, and hope that providing some recorded White Sox content helps ease some folks through this unique period in our history.

Podcast photo of Zack Burdi: Kim Contreras (@FireLeagueKim)/South Side Sox