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Good news: Minor leaguers will be paid during the break

It’s not a lot ... but it’s not nothing

MiLB: MAY 17 Charlotte Knights at Toledo Mud Hens Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before the SSS comment base had the chance to get too ornery about minor leaguers purportedly left out in the cold during recent MLB-MLBPA talks, Thursday brought about a satisfactory development:

Yes, so this pay simply covers the per-diem allowances that minor leaguers would have gotten if remaining in spring training. So, not a lot. But not nothing.

More promising is the likelihood that additional compensation coming on April 9, which was the original Opening Day for minor league baseball. That compensation is likely to be the regular minor league salaries for players at least at the lower levels, but may turn out to be 50% of normal salary ... more a stipend. But, again, not nothing.