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SSS Podcast 8: Brad Balukjian and The Wax Pack

Tune in for a really fun talk about road trips, Carlton Fisk, life lessons and baseball cards!

Is this the face of a man who has 246,994 miles on his 2002 Honda Accord? Yes, yes it is.
Brett Ballantini started at South Side Sox in 2018 after 20 years of writing on basketball, baseball and hockey, including time on the Blackhawks and White Sox beats. Follow him on Twitter @BrettBallantini and email your site feedback to

Brad Balukjian decided what the hell, I’m gonna open a pack of baseball cards from the first year I collected (1986), then track those players down to catch up with their lives, more than three decades later. He succeeded with almost all of the players in his pack — with a notable White Sox exception — and learned a lot about his cardboard heroes, and himself, along the way.

This was a lot of fun, and thanks for Brad for the time.

Order the book, and follow the Twitter account. And read our book review.