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Gamethread: Rockies at White Sox

It’s the ol’ Engel-Mazara 1-2

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals
Superstart: Engel gets the call in center field and leading off in this afternoon’s tilt.
Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Most notable today is that Andrew Vaughn continues to get legit reps with the big team. For those of you who might think there’s “no chance” (and OK, there’s probably no chance) he plays in Chicago in 2020, hmm.

This would be Gio González’s spot in the rotation, but with Gio’s shoulder still pouting, Drew Anderson is today’s Camelback Ranch Man of Mystery starting today.

Dig the 1-2 in the order here, like Ricky’s saying, you know, we have an unpopular platoon of Mazara and Engel forming in right field, so let’s just play both guys in the same lineup and bat them up top!

Lots of early question marks here: Can Encarnación still hit? Can Collins catch? Why are we acting like Cheslor Cuthbert can break north with the team?

I admit I know little of the Rockies, but it seems the White Sox got the gentler end of Colorado’s split squad today.

The game hits at 2:05 CT and is available on webcast.