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Gamethread: White Sox at Giants

Keuchel on the bump, Robert batting leadoff ... lots to like!

MLB: Spring Training-San Diego Padres at Chicago White Sox
Tony digs: Forgive Dallas Keuchel if he gets lost in the wonder that is the Bourgeoisie Ballpark of Old Scottsdale.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Big tilt against the Giants today. Unfortunately it’s under radio and TV silence, because there’s some tasty stuff hidden in this otherwise-AAA lineup:

Luis leadoff, Vaughn third, Keuchel chucking, I like it. Crazy side-by-sides like McCann/Collins 5-6 and Mendick/Madrigal 8-9, wild. The makings of a fun game. Hello, Gameday.

I like how the Giants are so up their own hineys they don’t even mention an opponent in the lineup:

Looking like a Opening Day-ish lineup for S.F., so there’s that.

Ballgame 2:05 CT. May Luis dent an outfield wall on the first pitch!