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Gamethreads: Royals at White Sox, White Sox at Padres (ss)

Yasmani Grandal gets his first taste of official spring action!

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Fashion plate: SSHP’s Sean Williams was complimented on his T-shirt choice today by Rick Hahn.

Double-barrel action today for the White Sox, with Reynaldo López taking on the Padres in Peoria and Aaron McRae going against the Royals at Camelback Ranch:

The more big-league lineup stays home against the Royals, while Yasmani Grandal leads a lesser group at the Padres. Gametimes and viewing info in @WhiteSox’s tweets above.

(If you dig the shirt, it’s still available.)

Spring training MVP update!

With 2,944 votes in the books so far, Adam Engel (as you might imagine) leads for most MVPs (three) and total MVP points (28.6).

Adam Engel (3)
Nicky Delmonico (2)

MVP points
Adam Engel (28.6)
Yermín Mercedes (13.8)
Nicky Delmonico (12.3)
Luis González (9.1)
Luis Robert (8.7)
Dallas Keuchel (5.8)
Eloy Jiménez (5.5)
Danny Dopico (5.2)
Seby Zavala (5.0)
Bernardo Flores Jr. (4.9)