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Daily changes

The OOTP recap is swapping out for a sim summary each a.m.

MLB Considers Arizona Minor League Stadiums For Possible 2020 Season Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A programming note ...

There has been some movement within the White Sox coverage family:

Yes, the team that Brett first formed at South Side Sox — featuring such familiar names here as Lurker Laura, KP, Darren Jackson, Joe Resis, Ashley Sanders and of course the Grand Poohbah himself — managed to finagle a gig at Sports Illustrated.

The Out of the Park 2020 season simulation, which has the White Sox in first place in the AL Central at 11-7 as of yesterday, is moving with them, as they vacate the SSHP WordPress site and take up residence at SI. Brett and I were running those games and making the Ricky/Rick decisions; I was just writing them all up to pull my weight here.

What we’ll do instead is summarize the previous day’s results as a morning post. There are three substantial sims I can think of right now: our OOTP for the White Sox, Baseball-Reference’s OOTP sim, and the Strat-o-Matic sim.

In the SoM sim, the White Sox are in last place in the AL Central, at 5-13 — and that despite Eloy Jiménez leading the majors with a .425 average.

In B-R’s OOTP sim, the White Sox are in first place in the AL Central, at 13-5. Lucas Giolito (1.1) third and Dylan Cease (0.9) tied for sixth in the majors in WAR.

So, the daily roundup will be fun — all three sims have wildly different results in the early going. (Kansas City leads the ALC in the SoM sim, at 13-5, so I’m going to throw an early what-the-hell? flag there.)

We’ll come up with a format that’s snappy — probably a header with the pertinent White Sox highlights, a screen grab of at least a boxscore, and a paragraph summary of each ballgame.

First edition lands tomorrow a.m., for today’s games.

And when there’s other White Sox news &c., it’ll still be here.