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White Sox to ignore MLB’s May 1 contract suspension

Per Bruce Levine, all team employees — coaches, front office — will be paid in full at least through May

MLB: APR 03 Tigers at White Sox Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So, there’s not a ton of meat here to discuss, but in the ongoing saga of how to pay/how long to pay/how much to pay major leaguers/minor leaguers/vendors et. al during the coronavirus delay to the season, front office employees have largely escaped attention.

Over the weekend, Ken Rosenthal reported that baseball, per commissioner Rob Manfred, will suspend the Uniform Employee Contracts of all front office personnel as of May 1. That means that teams can reduce the pay, or even furlough, front office staff, scouts, and coaching staff. With the U.S. under a state of emergency, MLB is allowed to suspend these union contracts (recall the negotiations with the MLBPA over player pay during the coronavirus delay).

However, Bruce Levine had the White Sox response to Manfred’s planned action, and at least for May, nothing will change:

While there’s always a Renisdorf faction out there, this earns an attaboy in my book.

And in sim-report news, we’ll move to a nightly report of THAT DAY’S games, so tonight we’ll do a “doubleheader” of Sunday-Monday results and plan on reporting on same-day sims, in the evening, going forward.