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Gamethread! White Sox at Rockies (Purple Row MLB the Show 2020 sim)

Michael Kopech blows into Colorado ... and you can watch on YouTube!

Hey everyone, a pretty cool thing we have to share with you for a couple of days.

Tonight, at 7:45 p.m. CT, you can tool over to YouTube and catch the broadcast of a MLB the Show 2020 game between the White Sox and Rockies. (Yep, can you believe it, the White Sox would be starting interleague play tonight, if the season were on.)

(link above, or how about the game embedded right here? doesn’t start until 7:45 though ...)

Our sister site Purple Row is broadcasting every one of Colorado’s games this season on its YouTube channel. That’s editor Ben Kouchnerkavich on the play-by-play.

It’s definitely a fun way to experience these alternate games. and the hipsters at Purple Row have us beat with their videogaming and game play-by-play, for sure.

So, enjoy the game — with Michael Kopech starting for the White Sox, it’s going to be a great one!

(Kopech was crushed in his first start in the Baseball-Reference Out of the Park sim and still holds a ~35.00 ERA, while in our SSHP/Sports Illustrated OOTP sim, Kopech has logged four innings and a 2.25 ERA.)

Tonight’s lineup (generated by MLB the Show ... or who knows, maybe Ben wants the Rockies to murder us):

Getting a gamethread up early, for whatever random chatter, and hopefully we’ll have a few of you on board. And perhaps, just perhaps, AnoHito will be singing a Sox winner later tonight!

We’re undergoing some tech transitioning here tonight, so I may or may not be on the gamethread, watching the game itself, and publishing our usual sim roundup tonight (vs. Wednesday a.m.).

Happy viewing! We’ll have another White Sox-Rockies gamethread, courtesy of Purple Row, on Wednesday.