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Cup o’ Joe, side o’ dough: 2020 season deets

Ken Rosenthal brings us a bit of hope: A ~80 game schedule starting in July

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MLB Opening Day postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Rosenthal: Latest details on baseball’s plan to return
Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic

Nothing is official. Major League Baseball will discuss its plans for the 2020 season in a conference call with owners on Monday. If the owners give their approval, the league then will present its proposal to the players’ union on Tuesday.

This isn’t just weekend laziness on my part, but it’s the only story worth talking about right now. The article is paywalled, and Ken was first a best with the details, so he needs to be linked here. But the basics are a 78-82 game season, with a massive emphasis on regional/intradivisional play.

Fresh off the “win” that MLB enjoyed by slashing the 2020 draft down to five rounds (and almost assuredly will truncate the 2021 draft as well), ownership also is said to be expecting players to forego some salary for this 2020 mini-season. Good luck with that one, guys. (Wait, I get to risk my life, alone without family, for LESS money, while you guys in the suite class still collect on all your ad revenue and TV money? Where do I sign up!)

Morning Music

Maybe my Gen X cred is waning, but I never really saw The Mystery Machine in this video. I guess the Ouija board and weird electrocuting hair drying is pretty Scooby. But where the unmasking reveal ... shouldn’t Vincent Price end up being the one in the space helmet and miniskirt? Well, anyway, the song is a punch in the forehead, with a plenty fat lick, so, enjoy this as your Sunday thaw.